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Welcome to Stick The Rock.com. This site is dedicated to the sport of billiards and it is our goal to provide useful tools and information for everyone associated with our favorite sport. Stick The Rock gives you free tools to manage your pool league and connect with other players from across the country. Yes, Free. But every donation helps!

Stick The Rock is not affiliated with the APA, BCA, ACS, VNEA, or any other amateur organization but it can be used to manage players and statistics for any of them! In addition, Stick The Rock supports 2 types of league play:

This gives you the flexibility to run your league the way you want. Simply choose the format you want when you set up your league. Create your own free account to begin.

Getting Started

Getting started with Stick The Rock is simple. First and foremost, all the information and services provided here are free of charge. There are no membership fees, league enrollment fees, or charges of any kind to to use this site. You won't be spammed by us and we aren't in the business of selling email addresses. We only wish to promote the sport of billiards and build an online community of players. If you want to contribute information to the site by posting a tournament or using our tools to manage your league, all we ask is that you join us as an official Stick The Rock member and that you agree to the terms and conditions of the site.

About Us

Stick The Rock was founded by two pool players with desire to improve the way our own league managed it's players and statistics. After seeing a few of the league-management systems available, we knew there must be a better way. In fact, we found that the systems that were available were either so costly or so clumsy that many leagues resorted to developing their own systems or spreadsheets to manage players and statistics. With that, an idea was born: we would create a better web-based system for managing handicapped pool leagues. The site would have to be easy to use and give all players and league operators access to the tools necessary to run their leagues. Best of all, there would be no fees to set up a league, access any player's stats, or perform any of the things we all need to do as players or league operators.
So here it is........Sticktherock.com is a site created by pool players for pool players. We hope you find our site valuable and if you would like to help promote it and keep it going, please consider a donation. Enjoy!

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